cast adrift

Yep. We are WAY behind on our posts. We’ve been having toooo much fun to take a moment for some updates.

Saturday, after waking up in Vegas like good ole Katy Perry, we jumped in the car, said goodbye to the much-less-ridiculous-looking-in-the-day-time city of Las Vegas and continued along I-15 towards Cali. We (naturally) pulled over on the side of the interstate to take pictures in front of the “Welcome to California” sign before making a sharp left turn into the desert. You know those pictures you see where you look into the distance and see for miles and miles? Well thats what the Mojave National Desert is like. We stopped at the Kelso depot around long time and ended up talking to some of the nicest people and ate some of the most delicious chili and blackberry pie my taste buds have ever experienced. If you ever find yourself hungry in the CA desert, this place is a must-stop.

Our real destination, as Abbie described earlier, was Joshua Tree National Park. Although the weather was less than ideal, this park was so unique and so much fun to explore. We found ourselves surrounded by huge granite rock formations that looked like God simply forgot to put up his rock collection and left them lying on the ground for us to play with. There were arches, caverns, narrow pathways and crevices just begging us to climb on. We did, no worries.

The tree from which this park is named after was the other primary focus our attention and camera lenses.”Not a tree, nor a cactus,” these trees were named by the Mormons (we thought we had escaped their influences in Utah… we thought wrong) because they resembled Joseph beckoning God’s people into the promised land. I personally think they look like they popped off the pages of a Dr. Suess book, but I guess the Mormons got there first. Abbie was OBSESSED with the Joshua Trees… maybe I should steal her one to plant in Indiana, except I think that’d be illegal.

After the sun set over the giant rock playgrounds, we headed west for the last time towards LA! We were fortunate to have one of Abbie’s best friends from high school, Maggie, to stay with. Shout out to her for taking us to the Griffith Observatory (on accident! Hurray for GPS!) so we could see basically all of LA from above and catch a glimpse of the Hollywood sign.

In our short time in LA we also were able to let Lisa and Megan touch the Pacific Ocean for the first time (so cold!) , walk down Rodeo Drive (so expensive!) and meet up with Lisa’s old campus minister from UT, Pastor Kermit the frog, as Abbie liked to call him. This man was wonderful, not only to Island her family over the years, but also to us, four venturing friends (and Mags) who were rapidly running out of food, were starving for some touristy locations to visit in LA (Santa Monica pier, so great) and were gracious for some undeserved hospitality. I think we ALL would have stayed in LA longer had the Grand Canyon not been calling to us from the East.

Grand Canyon here we go…